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You are here: Home Sights Caves Gergeri cave by Zaros, Central Crete
Gergeri cave by Zaros, Central Crete

Gergeri caveThe crevasse-cave at Gergeri village, Heraklion Prefecture, is a good example of "breaks in the Mountains" by tectonic movements (of the Earth's crust). The cave can be reached over the North-South route Iraklion - Agia Vavara village.
In Agia Vavara turn right towards Zaros village (over Gergeri). The cave is located right next at the hillside, right of the road, and exact 0.7 miles before the village Gergeri. The entrance is at street level and easy to miss be- cause it is half hidden by a fig bush. It is about 1.6 metres high but very narrow. The crevasse leads relatively "steeply down" and is initially head-high and 1.2 metres wide. It gets closer after around 10 m (max. still 60 cm) and also lower; in approx 15 metres deep the height is only about 70 cm.

From here only the "crawler gear on your belly" is possible, which should not be done without proper equipment and clothing because of the sharp break rocks. In approximately 20 meters deep the cleft seems to be "blocked" by rock failures within the mountain and is no longer "walkable". The cleft apparently leads water during the rainy months (irrupting surface water from the mountain), whose traces can be seen in form of (beautiful) sintering formations on the rock in the cleft.

However the calc-sinter characteristics are localised 9 metres from entering in an area of 2 meters. Here also (algae clad) clefts lead "upwards", which probably feeding surface water. The cleft cave offers good opportunities for study on the effects of tectonic movements and once again shows us the enormous "forces of nature" involved in these operations.

Fig. li. shows the "entrance" at the foot of the mountainside seen from the street. The breaks and shifts in the rock (with western slope) are clearly visible. The middle picture shows the cleft. Also here are the "destructive" effects of tectonic movements visible. Loose, but mostly "wedged" rocks demand extreme caution when inspecting (in any case not without a helmet!). Fig. right shows the calc-sinter crusts from within the cleft cave. Their formation and strength (thickness) suggest that the cleft is already incurred thousands of years ago - and will only little change in the future if not earthquakes or other tectonic influences the mountain get back in "movement".


Gergeri cave by Zaros Gergeri cave by Zaros



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